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Ultimate Cleaning Set

Ultimate Cleaning Set

Freshen Clean
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This striking blue dental care bundle contains everything to conjure a sparkling fresh smile every day. Featuring advanced technology and a built-in 2.5-minute timer that guarantees precise cleaning. Perfect gift choice for yourself or your loved one!

What you get:U1 Limited-Edition Blue Electric Toothrush, 2 Replacement Heads, 1 littli Portable Pop-up Floss Dispenser and 2 pack of littli Floss Picks(200PCS).

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A perfect smile for him

Take your oral care to the next level with our Limited-Edition bundle. Get into the habit of brushing your teeth regularly and thoroughly to prevent tooth decay!


Powerful yet gentle

Designed to clean your teeth thoroughly yet gently at the same time, this dental device features powerful ultrasonic vibration, a long battery life, quick charging, and a sleek, modern design.

Floss anywhere, anytime

Pop it up and start flossing in seconds. Easy to refill and ultra-thin and comfortable for tight teeth.

The sealed design storage case is also waterproof and dust-proof, making it perfect for taking with you wherever you go.

What you get in bundle

· littli U1 Electric Toothbrush

· littli Portable Pop-Up Floss Dispenser

· Two Pack of littli Floss Picks

· Two U1 Replacement Brush Heads

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Frequently asked questions

How many flosses are there in one floss dispenser?

10 picks per each. You can purchase the floss replacement when your flosses run out.

How do I use the littli Portable Pop-Up Floss Dispenser?

Tap the button in the direction of the arrow, and a floss pick will pop up immediately.

How do I refill the littli Portable Pop-Up Floss Dispenser?

Open the cover in the direction of the arrow. Then put the replacement flosses into the dispenser, and press down the cover. Ensure to install successfully by hearing a heavy click.

Can I change the date of my refill order?

Sorry, we're unable to change the date a refill order is scheduled to generate a Refill Plan. Our Floss Refill Plans are automated to generate an order every month after your initial order date.

Can I cancel my refill plan?

You sure can! Please cancel your refill plan at any time by logging into your account.