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Small & Lightweight
Perfectly Portable
Simple Charging
One Button One Mode

L1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush-White

L1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush-White

Best Portable Electric Toothbrush
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Small & Lightweight
Compact at 19*19*183mm, Light, weighing only 50g.

Perfectly Portable
From home use to business trips, to hiking and camping, the littli L1 sonic electric toothbrush is the perfect choice for any excursion.

Simple Charging Scheme
1.5-Hour Quick Charge,30-Day Battery Life.

One Button, One Mode
Simple, convenient, and effective sum up this device.


What you get:1 slim handle, 2 DuPont-bristle brush heads,1 USB Type-C Cable & 1 protective cover.

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Compared with other brands.

L1 has a volume reduction of about 30%

and a weight reduction of about 380%

Perfectly Portable

We wanted to design littli to be travel-friendly. Think of it as your travel companion, by your side in any situation.

Small: 19*19*183mm

Lightweight: Weighing only 50g

Protective Cover: prevent bacteria and dust

Simple charging scheme

Use the Type-C cable to charge your L1 Electric Tooth-brush anytime and anywhere.

Type-C Input

1.5-Hour Quick Charge

30-Day Battery Life

One mode, One button

Dental Hygiene at the Touch of a Button

One button is all it takes to power your littli toothbrush. Simple, convenient, and effective sum up this device.

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Frequently asked questions

How often should I change the brush head?

For best results, dentists recommend replacing the brush head on your toothbrush every three months.

Does littli offer a brush head cover?

Definitely!. All littli electric toothbrush offers a protective cover,  designed to be portable and travel-friendly.

How often should I charge my littli? How long does it last for a full charge?

It takes only 1.5 hours for a full charge. After being fully charged, littli can be used for 30 days based on 2 minutes each time, twice a day.

Can I travel with my littli electric toothbrush?

Absolutely! We design littli to be travel-friendly. L1 electric toothbrush weighs only 0.088 pounds, small enough to take with you on any adventure.

Are littli electric toothbrushes water-resistant?

All littli electric toothbrushes are IPX7 Waterproof level, which means they will frequently withstand water exposure for long periods. For example, littli toothbrushes can operate well even soaked in water for 30 minutes. Enjoy your brushing while taking a bath or shower with littli.