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The littli electric toothbrush: your perfect travel companion OR your easy to carry travel companion

We all love visiting places beyond the four walls of our homes. A weekend excursion with friends, a month-long holiday with family, a mid-week business trip – the world is your oyster!

Travelling is a great way to experience different cultures, meet people who later become friends, and spend time trying new activities.

However, every travel enthusiast on our Instagram page agrees on at least one thing: packing your bags is a long and arduous (yet completely unavoidable) task.

littli is on a mission to simplify personal care, giving customers the chance to make the most of their adventures with our portable, easy to carry littli electric toothbrush.

Say goodbye to heavy luggage (finally!)

How often have you arrived at the airport, placed your suitcase on the scales, and been told it’s too heavy? Or how about packing all the essentials for the Three Peaks Challenge, only to regret it later when your neck and back start aching?

When planning a trip, it doesn’t take much to overpack. A backup wardrobe, accessories for meals out, beach towels, a selection of MUA-worthy cosmetics, chargers for every device – the items to consider are endless!

That’s why we designed the littli electric toothbrush to be as convenient and easy to carry as possible. Whether you’re taking multiple suitcases or just one backpack with you, our portable toothbrush can fit into any space. The littli electric toothbrush can even fit into your jeans pocket, making it ideal for one-day festivals and picnics too!

Just 18cm long and weighing 40g (equivalent to two AA batteries), the portable littli electric toothbrush lets you pack everything else and still know you have enough space to keep your teeth and gums feeling clean all day, every day of your adventure.


Leave the charger at home

Something people often forget to pack is their electric toothbrush charger. When this happens, you have two options: pay for an overpriced charger as soon as you arrive at your destination, or use the toothbrush manually once it runs out of juice (and struggle to clean those tricky-to-reach parts).

And what about those times you remember your charger at the last minute, but your hotel doesn’t have a shaving port to charge the toothbrush, or you need a plug adapter to connect everything up?

Not only is the littli electric toothbrush easy to carry, but it also has an impressive 30-day battery life. Simply charge our portable toothbrush for 1.5 hours before you go away, and you can enjoy a whole month of confident smiles and fresh-smelling breath!


The littli electric toothbrush is a great option for people travelling close to and far from home. The small and compact design makes the portable toothbrush easy to carry, plus it only needs a few hours of charging to last 30 days. It’s time to go away knowing your oral hygiene is covered – and that you’re keeping the electricity bill down.

Share this article with fellow travel-bug friends, let us know how you find the littli electric toothbrush, and don’t forget to tag us in your adventure updates on Instagram. Bon voyage!

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