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Keeping your teeth clean and hygienic on trips

”With winter approaching, it’s only natural to start seeking excitement beyond the UK and Europe. Or perhaps you don’t have a holiday planned but a business trip and want to impress your colleagues with a bright, dazzling smile.“


Wherever your travels take you, taking your portable littli electric toothbrush and floss set along is a must. In fact, the MiSmile Network has found that a toothbrush is the number one item people can’t go without on holiday – and we aren’t surprised. Indulging in food, drinks, and sweet treats is one of the best parts of going on a trip, though you don’t want them on your breath (or stuck between your teeth!).

However, many don’t follow oral health best practices away from home, from unhygienic storage to improper cleaning. This article will guide you through some oral care travel hacks – and how the travel-friendly littli electric toothbrush is the perfect companion for your next trip.

Keeping your teeth clean and hygienic on trips


Get your passport ready: packing for the trip

Your clothes are folded, your boarding pass is printed, and your easy to carry littli electric toothbrush is charged. You brush your teeth at the last minute before stuffing the damp toothbrush into your cosmetics bag. The flight is only a few hours long, so it should be fine – right?

While a cosmetics bag might seem like the obvious choice for storing your toothbrush, it could actually be damaging your oral health. Researchers at Aston University found that E.coli, staphylococci and salmonella – the causes of skin issues, blood poisoning, and conjunctivitis – were found in 90% of the bags tested.

It’s also not recommended to store your toothbrush in a plastic bag, as bacteria thrive in places with restricted airflow.

Instead, you should rinse and shake the toothbrush before packing it away, to remove as much moisture as possible. The next step is to store it in a travel case or use a protective head cover, just like the anti-germ ones featured in the littli electric toothbrush range*.

(*Psst… all littli products are portable too, meaning they are easy to carry in your suitcase, bag, or even your pocket if you’re a notorious over-packer!)


Keeping up oral hygiene practices on the go

You finally arrive at your destination, your easy to carry littli electric toothbrush in one hand and suitcase handle in the other. You reach your hotel and unpack, only to wonder where the best place to store your toothbrush is.

The most important thing to remember is that according to Medical Daily, faecal material can travel up to 6 feet when a toilet is flushed. You really don’t want to leave your toothbrush near the toilet, no matter how clean or fancy the hotel bathroom is. If the bathroom is relatively small, consider placing your littli electric toothbrush and floss set in the bedroom area or a closed medicine cabinet (if you have one).

Another Healthline tip for keeping your travel-friendly littli electric toothbrush clean is running hot water over the bristles after use – or soaking it for 2 minutes in antibacterial mouthwash every so often – and storing it away from other toothbrushes. Simple yet effective, with a littli smile that lasts all trip.


Do you follow any hacks to keep your littli electric toothbrush clean and your oral hygiene in top condition? Have you faced any oral care nightmares while on holiday or a business trip? Let us know in the comments below – and don’t forget to send this article to others with a story to share!

Keeping your teeth clean and hygienic on trips
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