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A busy life is something most of our Instagram community embraces, though it doesn’t take long until life becomes overwhelming (and often without even realising it).

Rushing to work first thing in the morning, quickly grabbing a bite to eat between conference calls, jumping on and off public transport to meet your date at 6pm… before you know it, there’s almost no time for ‘me time’!

As a consequence, basic habits like toothbrushing tumble down the priority list. We find ourselves swapping simple yet effective products with those that can help us faster, with display screens and apps telling us what to do.

Reconnecting with a simple daily routine like toothbrushing is the first step to putting you and your health needs first. littli has developed a portable, easy to use toothbrush to keep your good habits on track wherever life takes you.


When life takes you… on a trip abroad

Going abroad is one of the most exciting experiences in life, whether for business or leisure.

But what about when you eat a full meal at the airport or wake up to morning breath after sleeping the entire flight?

The portable littli electric toothbrush can be kept in your carry-on luggage and used whenever you really need it. Its easy to use features make your toothbrushing routine extra simple – a great solution for days your body clock is out of sync!


When life takes you… hiking or camping

It’s fantastic leaving city life for the big outdoors.

However, while you can forgo showering for a couple of days, there’s nothing worse than having bad breath and the feeling you really need to brush your teeth! You can either rely on gum to tide you over or find a toothbrush designed for travel.

The littli electric toothbrush is your portable hiking and camping companion, weighing just 50g and fitting into even the smallest of rucksacks. It’s time to enjoy your hiking and camping trip, knowing your mouth is clean and fresh.


When life takes you… to the office

In the professional world, first impressions mean everything.

How often have you gone into a meeting, only to be paranoid about people smelling that salmon and cream cheese lunch bagel on your breath? Or perhaps when you interview for a new job, during which the panel members keep looking at whatever seems to be lodged in-between your teeth?

Fear not, as the portable, easy to use littli electric toothbrush is here to save the day (and your professional reputation). Simply pop it in your bag or briefcase before leaving for work and use it whenever your mouth needs a fresh pick-me-up!


Whether you travel near or far, it’s always a good idea to keep the littli electric toothbrush on hand. The portable design and easy to use features mean you can take it everywhere and use it anytime you really need (and really want) to.

Don’t forget to share this article with friends and family, and let us know what wild travel adventures your littli electric toothbrush has been on in the comments below or on our Instagram page!

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