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5 benefits of using a littli electric toothbrush

Brushing your teeth. It’s a daily (and hopefully, a twice-daily) practice as old as time but something most people still haven’t quite got the hang of.

Are the 2 minutes up yet? When did I last replace my toothbrush head? Why does my mouth still not feel 100% clean? 

These are questions and issues our Instagram followers face when using a manual toothbrush, which explains why electric versions have become so popular in recent years.

However, that’s not to say all electric toothbrushes are perfect. They may be easy to use, but they also come with their own downfalls. Many major-brand electric toothbrushes are heavy and have a lengthy list of features – ones that aren’t always necessary for a regular clean.

littli has introduced the littli-L1 electric toothbrush for a lightweight, portable toothbrushing experience. If you enjoy this article, feel free to share it on social media!


littli is portable

There are more opportunities than ever to go out and explore the world, whether travelling for work, attending a festival, or even just enjoying a summer picnic in the local park.

The littli-L1 electric toothbrush is designed with convenience in mind, boasting a portable design that allows it to be taken anywhere. When we say anywhere, we really mean it.


littli is compact

When packing your bags, such as a rucksack for a hiking trip or a suitcase for a family holiday, you need a toothbrush that doesn’t take up much space and isn’t too heavy.

The good news is that the littli-L1 electric toothbrush weighs practically nothing (40g to be precise). That’s lighter than a small egg!


littli is easy to use

As the tech side of electric toothbrushes continues to develop, so do the features. Different cleaning modes, complex on-off buttons, and even Bluetooth connection... the list goes on.

Despite these unique selling points, lots of consumers face ‘analysis paralysis’, with concerns around how easy to use these toothbrushes really are. That’s why the littli-L1 electric toothbrush has a single yet effective cleaning mode and tells you when the 2-minute limit is up.


littli is gentle

They say a great smile does wonders, and we at littli agree! Did you know, however, that brushing harder doesn’t remove more plaque compared to a gentler brushing technique?

Our electric toothbrush applies just the right amount of pressure, with the 48,000 TPM frequency vibration cleaning your teeth and gums – even the harder-to-reach parts.


littli is eco-conscious

As the environmental movement takes the personal hygiene industry by storm, now is the perfect time to switch to the littli-L1 electric toothbrush.

Alongside being portable and easy to use, the toothbrush doesn’t contain any metal. Instead, we use food-grade plastic and non-toxic paint, plus recycled packaging. It’s a big win for us and an even bigger win for you!


There you have it: 5 reasons to replace your existing toothbrush with the littli L-1 electric toothbrush. If you have any toothbrushing experiences or top tips, let us know on Instagram. We also invite you to pass this article on, so everyone can take pride in a cleaner, fresher mouth.

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